YP10 Quick Weight Loss Review

We have been getting tons of traffic for “YP10 Quick Weight Loss Review” and we have not heard of this since. It must be because this weight loss program is blasted on the radio and we do not listen to the radio, we watch more health news and cooking shows.

YP10 Quick Weight Loss  also know as SlimMe1.  

First of all, the YP10 Quick Weight Loss claims of 30 lbs in 30 days with out changing your eating habits is just absurd. If it’s sounds to good to be true?? Does this sound like a magic diet pill to you??

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In my internet research on YP10 Quick Weight Loss I found mostly positive comments and articles from bloggers on this diet. Why? Well, as an internet marketer myself, I quickly realized why this is!

YP10 Quick Weight Loss has an incredible “affiliate program” that pays referrers (mostly bloggers) big money to spread the word. Bias opinions?? * I am not affiliated with YP10 in anyway!

Just because a product or company has money to pump into radio advertising and why not when you look at the prices of this magic diet pill. The YP10 features many (paid) radio logo endorsements and testimonials.

YP10 Claims

Using YP10 Program you will have the advantage of naturally burning excess body fat rapidly without hunger. YP10 Formula contains a unique proprietary blend to rapidly burn fat, curb hunger and increase energy! We have complete confidence in our YP10 product and its performance. We stand by it!

Other than some paid endorsements by radio stations and bloggers, there are a few customer “testimonials” but what caught my attention was their Facebook Friends in which they have just over a 100 friends or followers. Why so few for a product that claims to have “helped hundreds” lose weight?

Exclusive YP10 Formula?

YP10 is unique bio-available liquid oral drops that contains trace minerals in a proprietary vibrational base to catalyze vital enzymatic function and increase metabolism at the cellular level.  Using bio-available liquid is important because it bypasses the digestive system for immediate entrance into the bloodstream – providing the fastest and safest relief from excess appetite and cravings and to promote overall health.  YP10 does not contain ANY stimulants of any kind.

The miracle of this program is the decades of research done to find the best combination of foods to fuel the body with ample energy yet keep it looking for additional fuel within the body?? I thought you could eat whatever you wanted?? just squirt this stuff in your mouth and the weight melts off?? 

My concern with the  YP10 Exclusive Formula is their is no ingredients found on the website, so all the hype about an “exclusive formula” is just crazy! They try and impress you with a bunch of big scientific terms that are supposed to make you feel that they have scientific claims or independent studies to back it up?? I do not see any!!

YP10 Quick Weight Loss Review

This product (YP10 Quick Weight loss) is nothing more than a scam, and an expensive scam at a cost of $144.00-$250 for what appears to be 2-4 oz bottle of YP10 and as much as $400-$450 for 3 bottles.

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Find a better, natural and legitimate weight loss program back by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers and backed by independent studies.

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9 Responses to YP10 Quick Weight Loss Review

  1. Kevin Kempton says:

    Talk about a bias review!! This is one!! Let’s see if these comments get posted to your blog. You system does not produce a pound a day weight loss and is 5 to 6 time the money for the same weight loss period!!! Stats, family of four just did the program. 65 year old dad 20 lbs. in three weeks, finished at goal weight. 60 year old mom 22 lbs. in just 30 days, 36 year old daughter 21 lbs. in 30 days, and 38 year old son in law over 40 lbs. in 30 days. YP10 real results for real people, do some more research, you will find pound for pound it is one of the cheapest weight loss systems on the market today not if and or buts. You already know this however because you would not have made this site if it was not already killing your business.. Oh and nice way to capitalize on someone’s hard work.

    • admin says:

      Bias review? I think not! The calorie restriction plan included with a YP10 purchase is proven to be ineffective and why most people fail most diet plans. Most people do not have the determination or time to follow a sensible meal plan consisting of lean meats, vegetables and fruits thus causing the obesity epidemic this and other industrialized nations. I am happy to post a relevant comments, not spam. Stats? Your stats are unsupported and documented, the results and success stories with an Isagenix cleansing and fat burning systems are well documented and I have hundreds of real life friends on Facebook with actual real life results and others posted on the Isagenix website. YP10 is just another “magic” diet pill, lotion or potion. Clinical studies have proven that Isagenix products have an average of 6.4-11 lbs. lost in 9 days with Isagenix. You may push and market your product as a cheap weight loss system, Isagenix uses only the highest quality vitamins, minerals and ingredients… period! Isagenix weight loss products and systems are endorsed by thousands of doctors, dietitians, chiropractors, personal trainers and professional athletes and is also endorsed by NESTA, the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association. No other weight loss program can compare to Isagenix. Buy Isagenix products online and sign up to become a Isagenix Associate or Preferred Customer and save 20-30% on all orders!

  2. Kelly says:

    I was interested in learning more about this program, so I visited their website. I was completely turned off by the numerous misspellings and poor page editing. I know that sounds trivial, but COME ON! I find it difficult to trust anything related to my health to a company that doesn’t edit their marketing materials.

  3. Casey says:

    I have personally used this program and lost 22 pounds in 30 days. Following the plan was easy. It is basically a very low carbohydrate diet with fresh meats, vegetables and fruit. I feel great. And most importantly, the weight has stayed off. My eating habits have changed and I am much more concious of what I eat each day. This is an excellent program.

  4. Nancy Friend says:

    I understand the skepticism. I’m not a big fan of diets. Exercise and eating well on a regular basis is important. But I needed a kick start and this program does work. You have to have will power and stick to the plan. And once it’s done you’ll have to make sure you stick to good eating habits…which we should do anyway. I can tell you, that I wasn’t hungry on the plan, I did get tired of the food. But it’s only for 30 days and is manageable.

  5. Laura says:

    I went to web site and could not get much info…perhaps you can help? What do you buy? The book and…what? Drops? Vitamins? Little info at site has me concerned / if legit why not a “start up” package? PLEASE someone who ahs done this diet help me decided if it is worth my money!

  6. Eat Well says:

    Wow, what a bunch of crap! Yp10 should be ashamed at the fact they have not long term success stories. Any quick weight loss consists of a food plan and this plan is about a 800-1,000 calorie a day plan. Everyone will lose weight and the largest people will lose the most the fastest. What they don’t tell you is that you lose a crap load of lean body mass and eventually gain it all back. They play on people’s emotions and do not include truth or any true double blind cohort studies to support their findings. Way to go….keep you immorality going by scamming people out of money. High fives to the jerks who keep the yo yo dieting going. It’s great for income.

  7. Jen Smith says:

    I am doing this for the second time (no-i didn’t gain the wgt back; i want to lose anotehr 20 lbs); it has worked well and the quick wgt loss inspires me to stick to it. I agree anyone would lose because it is so lo-cal, lo-fat and lo-carb; but i have followed other programs and just didn’t lose well. and found them much harder to stick to. furthermore, i felt great while on it. but i WAS hungry. it could use a bit more detail on how to transition from the 30 day regimen to the maintenance. you have to just wing it and watch to make sure you don’t gain. but i liked it better than those i have tried and failed. i agree, if you don’t follow it with a sensible health diet it won’t stay off long term. maybe it is a placebo effect but it worked for me much better than other diets. JSS

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